Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Day at Home

Yes! Internet is back up at Janice's! Think it was just a case of reconfiguration and changed settings, luckily nothing more complicated than that.

However, I just found out that my external hard drive cable is not the same cable that can be connected to my camera. And I have no card reader. So no photos can be uploaded till I get back to hot ol' Kuala Lumpur. Awww.....

I spent the day at home today, making up for lost internet time hehe... didn't do much actually. Apart from booking a Sydney hotel for next week. That should be fun. Meeting up with the Sydney gang.

It's getting really cold here. I'm hiding out in the living/dining area now because it's the only room with a heater. My room is so cold! I'll only go in when I'm ready to go under the covers and stay there :P

My Melbourne gang are watching Billy Elliot in the theatre now. Opted not to go, but alas, I saw the commercial on TV the other day and it looks really good! Anyway, I've got Dralion to look forward to, so I don't feel so bad.

I hope tomorrow's a better day weather-wise so I can go out and spend the money I should be saving.

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