Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bea's Wedding

The internets has been down at Janice's all weekend so I've had no chance to update my blog. Been taking a few photos of the mischief I've been getting up to, but until I have access to the internets on my own laptop (using someone else's now), I can't upload any photos.

To cut it short, I've been meeting up with everyone here, and tonight is The Big Get-Together Dinner. Gonna be great!

This morning I got up early to head into the city for Bea's wedding ceremony and reception. Made me tear a few times, listening to the maid of honour's speech and the video presentation she prepared for her elder sister. Complete with messages from friends back in KL who couldn't make it to Melbourne for the ceremony. Awwww!!! Food was good... and it was awesome to get a little intoxicated with wine and bubbly in the afternoon. Helps keep the chill away heehee!

Well, off to dinner now, so hopefully Janice's internets is back up tomorrow after I give them a call and reconfigure some techie thingies :S

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