Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some festival pics from 2010

Found a few pictures from last year's NS Try Out Festival season.

Although I wasn't working at the stations like my colleagues, I dropped by every Saturday to check out how my signages and other material were working out and to celebrate the end of the week with the rest of the team.

The after parties are always pretty wild with all the girls going mad with drink and happiness. No pictures of those, hehe. But the team does like starting the fun at the station.

There was a DJ stage in front of us and we were making the moves, yo.

When the whole festival was over, we were all invited for a big dinner as a thank you. In total, including our company, the theatre organising company and the team from the NS, there were around 30 of us. The 'big dinner' turned out to be a group activity where everyone splits into groups and is given a recipe and a cooking area, and we all cook each course of the dinner ourselves. Pretty fun!

I was in the same group as Schrobbenmaster and our videographer, Daan. We had the easiest thing - cookies!

Chocolate cookies with some orange essence.

What a nice kitchen area!

We formed our cookie dough into hearts, circles, triangles and initials. Can you see a few 'J's in there? :D

Wanted to try some macro shooting.

The cookies are ready!

The crowd.

Some of you may have already seen this on Facebook, but for cuteness' sake, here it is again!

I was roasting a red pepper for a lamb pasta dish that night that Hanselem was coming over to cook. And I was informed by the Interweb that it's possible to do it this way. Well, we didn't get any stomach upsets, so I'm sure it was fine.

Okie I'm leaving the office now... ciao!


siedne said...

I love roasting red peppers that way too! It's so fun, do it in front of an audience, they'll have sooo many questions heheh

Mumsy said...

i wanna go..n take dad, he wl love it.

shoobaba said...

Go where? And take dad where?