Sunday, October 26, 2008

Super Saturday

I had an AWESOME Saturday night! It'd been so long since I went out clubbing/bar-ing and I was quite craving it in the beginning of the week, except no one was up for it. So I waited till Friday, when I hoped something fun would be planned, but in the end we went for a quiet night at La Bodega. Managed to get myself tipsy enough to feel happy though.

So last night I had a night out with Tequila Lin and Dan the Drinker, who are both keen and avid drinkers (totally didn't guess it from their names, I bet). Dan the Drinker had to attend a colleague's farewell thing at Twenty One, so I just tagged along. Tequila Lin and her friend arrived first and informed us that there was no table (at 11pm, obviously not!) and Dan the Drinker's smart friend hadn't made any reservations.

It was still great! That bar is so nice... the people look nice... everything's nice. So we just hung out at the bar, I had the most awful vodka martini, but managed small sips for an hour (yup!) and finish it. Anyway, towards the end, my tongue was already getting quite numb from the lingering vodka taste.

Dan the Drinker and his mate then went off to meet their other colleagues who were eating in the resto next door (looking very formal and, well, boring...), so the three of us hopped off to Frangipani. It was our first time there, but I loved it! Firstly, no cover charge. Brilliant stuff. And the place was just jumping, it was awesome. Went to the bar to order champagne, but they only had Bollinger and Mumm. We're not made of money, so we had a bottle of the good red stuff instead. Nice wine, horrible glasses. What the heck wine glasses were those? Looked like water glasses. No swilling for me then.

Anyways, Tequila Lin and I made a round of the place to scope out any eye candy. Lots of hip and happening people, but no one jumped out.

And then I turned, and bumped into Gwyn! Pretty surprised... well, not surprised to see her there, but surprised to see someone I knew there. I was already a little tipsy, so kinda tried to get out of the conversation quickly (natural reaction, I dunno why). She thanked me for the gift I sent her a few days ago and I tried to be gracious, saying that I wasn't sure she received it (because she never sent me a thank you note or text!), but yeah I had actually been a little ticked off that she didn't take the time to thank me for it immediately.

Moved on, ordered lychee martinis for me and the tequila lady and then decided I shoulda conversed more with Gwyn, so went back for another (longer) chat and I think we're back on good terms with each other. It was her boyfriend's birthday and he's pretty hot (of course). She invited me for a Halloween party at her office, themed "Dead Celebrities"... umm... okay, the first image in my head was Elvis. No way am I going as Elvis, I thought. Or said. I'm sure I didn't say it aloud.

Oh, talking about gays (...okay, I'd actually written a paragraph before this then decided I didn't want anyone reading it but was lazy to change the first four words in this paragraph. No, I don't think Elvis was gay), when I told Dan the Drinker we'd be at Frangi, he replied...

"Isn't that a club for gays????????????"

Hehe. No, it's not. And even if it is, it's still a bloody nice place to be.

Finally left Frangi at about 2.30am. Pretty proud of myself for leaving so early, actually.

Awesome Saturday night! Will definitely go back.

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duplo donna said...

hi Cath!

it's me Aishah from TOA. stumbled upon ur blog.
just droppin by to say hi...and what's new!!

take care, keep in touch!