Saturday, October 18, 2008

Running Down The Way Up

I woke up to a drizzling mid-morning today and it felt wonderful. I like the diffused light that comes with drizzly mornings. Also because there's a gap between my two curtains, and on normal days, the sun comes shining in, annoying me into consciousness.

So I floated around the apartment not really knowing what to do. I prepared cereal for brunch and considered turning the mac on, but decided to not do that at least one day this week. Switched my TV on instead and watched some not very interesting shows, finished my cereal, slid down the sofa and suddenly felt really lethargic. So spent another 2 hours watching even more lousy shows. Stupid Astro.

Finally decided to go online and see who else was on. Well I saw someone who made my spine tingle, but decided not to talk to him because I just couldn't handle that emotional rollercoaster anymore. Then surfed Etsy for a while. Which made me feel really inspired to do some painting.

Looked for some watercolours in my drawer and found a box from Marie's, which I believe was my mum's? Or did she only use acrylic? Mmm whatever. Found out I didn't have a palette so just pooh pooh-ed it and decided to just squirt the bloody paint straight onto the paper. What a great idea, huh.

So I fill up my cups with water, get my sketchbook ready and do the necessary stuff, and finally settle down to paint God-knows-what. I wet my brush, and reach for... wait, there's no light blue in here... okay some kind of teal colour then. Try to unscrew the cap and fail. That's when the feeling of dread crept up. So I reached for some weird orangey reddy colour, unscrew it and promptly squeeze the paint out. Except it doesn't come out. Mmm... I'm a failure before I even start!

Fine, I thought, I'll get dressed and go buy the bloody palette and some new watercolours from the local stationery shop. And while I'm at it, I may as well buy a new payment voucher too since it's been on my shopping list for the past month. So I reach the local town centre, park, and find that my shop's closed. Get back into the car, go down the road and find another shop, so I park again.

Ooh, I just love stationery, don't you? (Just reminded myself of Marjorie Dawes - "I JUST LOVE THE CAKE") Anyway, of course it's some little local stationery shop, so the only watercolours they had were Buncho and some other weird box I didn't even want to pick up. So I had to buy Buncho. It was only RM8.50 for 12 colours and I figure I'll probably use it only once anyway.

As I was walking to the cashier, I thought of how I used to paint with a special 50-compartment palette which could store paint so I didn't have to keep opening the watercolour tubes, and how I used to use Alpha Artists colours (okay, it's no Daler & Rowney, or whatever), but it was professional enough for art school, and how I now use...Buncho...?

Am I going up or down in the world??

(Incidentally, I only wrote the title of the post after I finished writing, and if it rings any bells, it's by BT and it's a nice song.)

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Anonymous said...

its called a lazy, crazy saturday