Thursday, October 16, 2008

VIKA agony

That's the tabletop that's been giving me trouble all last night and this morning. Quite literally, I've got blisters on my right hand from clutching and twisting the screwdriver. 5 screws x 4 table legs. And this is how all the screws look. I've decided to just screw two in tightly so that the plate doesn't move, and then just jam the bloody legs in and wait for a shining knight to come over and help me screw the rest in. Easier said than done though. Just tightly screwing one in is agony.

Just felt my right arm, think my muscle is a bit more toned now. Better start using my left arm's strength now. Which means the screws ain't gonna budge.

And now I'm just procrastinating having lunch cuz I'm too lazy to get up and cook something. Guess I'll have to do it before I start feeling whoozy. If only the cafe downstairs had nicer food. And not so expensive. Grr.

On another note, does anyone know if the Intel Atom processor (not the dual-core version) is any good for a low-end desktop computer?

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