Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've been intending to write about so many things here but they all seem to require much thinking and planning before the writing actually gets achieved. But it's been a while now, so I thought I'd just jot down the topics instead of writing a full-blown post about them.

I had a meeting today, after so many weeks, at Hunky Jap Guy's office. So there I was, all hopeful, ringing the doorbell. I'd been to the office next door every day last week, but never had the opportunity to go to his office, so I thought, finally, today's the day! Anyway, I rang the doorbell and peered inside, but he wasn't at his desk. "Uh oh", I thought. True enough, he wasn't there today. Sigh. Hopes dashed, expectations dissolved. At least I know his name now, anyway.

I bumped into him a couple of weeks back at Mid Valley. He was with a girl. Hopefully not a girlfriend. Although it doesn't make a difference to me, seeing as I'm already in a relationship myself! But you know... I'm sure you girls out there will understand what I mean.

On the other side of the world, G has finally decided to buck up and work hard at his photography career. View his photos at gooodputty.com. They're really good. If anyone's looking for a photographer for an event, party, wedding or to take photos for a catalogue or ad, do contact him via email. He'll be available in KL from August 2008.

At least, he'd better be if he wants me to stick around.

What else is there? Oh, lots! But... my mind is suddenly a blank now and I'm starting to feel quite hot in here with all the windows closed.

Do I sound unfaithful?

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kelvin ( lapsap? ) said...

OK boss !