Saturday, May 17, 2008

Change is necessary

It annoys me somewhat whenever people say that kids these days are overweight and obese because they stay inside playing their computer games and PlayStations instead of going out to the park. And then they'll go on to the topic of "I used to walk to school every day and now kids get sent in their 4-wheel drives and don't have to walk at all... that's why they get so fat!"

Well, you had to walk to school and play outdoors every day because those were the times and those things were done. In modern days, how do you expect kids to play outdoors and walk anywhere alone when there're so many mental people about to kidnap, rape or kill them?

These are the days when you have to find other ways to keep kids active. Can't just keep moaning about "those were the days, tsk tsk". Sure it's sad that your kids can't do the same things you did, but times change and you have to change along with it.