Friday, May 02, 2008

An Enigmatic Post on Life and Love by One

After being virtually single for an extended period of time, one's mind (or eyes) can't help but start to wander. It should have happened before the four years it's taken, but in this country, somehow, guys just don't get it right.

(Until now, but technically, the wandering eye is looking towards the Far East)

And now that one's mind has started to wander, one starts to see the benefits of not walking down the aisle. Not committing to any one person frees one to steal as many glances as one might like to.

And one would really like to :) So she has stolen a little glance through the glass doors of the next door office today.

But can one continue doing this without consequences? I think not. And not, especially, to someone who is perfect for her in almost every way.

And, so, one guesses, there will be at least one path - a very desirable path, one might add, desirable but morally forbidden - that one will never be following.


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