Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"I'm happy with my body"

I'm back and feeling better than ever!

This week is gonna be a whirlwind for me cuz I'm leaving for UK next Friday and I have so many things to wrap up for good or prepare to bring over.

Before I forget, you know those annoying gym people who keep calling you to join their gym? Who doesn't, right? Well, I have a 1-month guest pass for California Fitness and so far have only used it once in three weeks. At least once a week, this woman calls to bug me about joining up as a full member. And each time, she calls at bad times! Yesterday, she called and I was at a client's place. Today she calls and I'm driving. I don't recognise the number so I keep picking up the calls. And when I told her I wouldn't be here for the next 2 months, she asked me which date exactly I'm coming back to KL and has made a note in her diary to call me the day after. After which, she proceeds to tell me all about her own trip to London and how she fell sick because it was freezing! All this while I was trying to drive home.

Oh, she also said, "Go to UK, eat lots and put on weight so you can come back to our gym!". Very nice, isn't she?

Talking about weight, I've been watching E! News and sometimes they have news on how the next overweight starlet is saying "I'm happy with my body" and everyone cheers her for it. It's one thing to be a healthy size 8, 10, 12, or even 14 if you're big-boned - that's UK size - but there's a big difference for fatsos like Nikki Blonsky (from Hairspray) who say "I'm happy with my body"... because her body just isn't nice! (By the way, I like Nikki, she seems sweet, but she needs to wake up to her non-existent neck and upper arms).

A girl isn't big and beautiful because she's proud of her body, she's big and beautiful because she's a healthy size and weight. It seems like anyone in Hollywood who's fat but says "I'm happy with my body" is worth of praise, but secretly, everyone wants to be a Nicole Richie. And then slam her for being her size.

Big and beautiful is people like Janet Jackson or Fergie or Britney. They obviously are not the skinny binny body types and they work out a lot and look great. Big and beautiful is not "lumpy and proud of it".

So will people please stop saying "kudos to her for being happy and not anorexic" to fatsos, and instead, say "glad you're not anorexic, girl, but for goodness' sake get your ass to the gym".


mumsy said...

u r so rite.....

elleLee said...

i am so linking your post. spread the news!