Tuesday, January 29, 2008

House arrest!

G's put me under house arrest today while he's at work, so I've had to find ways to occupy myself at home. Guess he thinks I'll get lost again on my way home. But that happened only when I first arrived here two years ago!

Anyway, I've just been catching up on my work since 7am this morning... the window cleaner gave me a huge shock when he started banging on my window with his tools this afternoon. I sit in front of a window, see... and I was like "oh shit, who the heck is that?! hide, quickly!" and I hid in the corner of the room till he moved on to the front door.

I cooked a most awful lunch of pasta today. Pasta, you say? How can you ruin a meal like pasta?! Well, I did. I haven't cooked farfalle before (the ribbon-shaped ones) and they took AGES to get soft. So when it was al dente (or so I thought) I figured, okay that's enough. Little did I know that only three quarters were al dente, and the other quarter was hard as nails. So there's a lesson for the rest of you... make sure you test about three pieces before you decide they're cooked enough.

I don't know why, but time seems to move slower in England than in Malaysia. I'm not complaining, though. I love it this way :P Went outside with G's mum earlier to bring the wheelie bin in from the road (they have to bring the wheelie bins, or rubbish bins, out to the main road from their driveways so the rubbish collectors can do their jobs quicker). The air was crisp, cold and very pleasant. Lovely! Walked out in my bulky pink windbreaker and grey and pink pyjama pants tucked into my slouchy suede pink boots. Gosh I must've looked a sight. At least I done a good deed today by giving the old people on the road a good chuckle.

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