Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hitz.fm is shameless

Hitz.fm has launched a radio campaign badmouthing another local English language radio station. You've probably heard it before. It's about how successful people listen to Hitz, but after tuning into --- FM, they become dorks. Switching back to Hitz, they regain their social status as the hippest of the hippest in town!

I think it's firstly, a stupid ad, because no one is going to be taken in nor even intrigued by it for a second unless they're 12 years old. Secondly, they tell people not to "go for cheap imitations, and go for original". There IS a difference between pirated CDs, bags and radio stations! Sounds like Hitz wants to eliminate (instead of challenge) competitors which is so juvenile (wonder if the Morning Crew thought of this campaign) because healthy competition is GOOD! How else will they improve?

Hitz.fm isn't all that great. Their DJs say the same things over and over again and are not remotely entertaining to anyone above the age of 13 (my sister's 16 and she thinks they speak very unintelligently as well). The only one worth listening to is Adam C cuz he knows when something is interesting and when it's not.

I would love to comment on each DJ's annoying qualities but it's kinda mean when I put it here for all to see! I just have to mention Jools/Jules though... her voice and accent is really irritating. So fake and well, just irritating! Every time I hear her voice on the radio, I literally change the channel. So does my sister. So does my mum! Tell me, is that good for business?

A bit of advice for everyone who listens to radio. Listen to BBC 1 online and that will really expand your listening experience. This is how good radio DJs are. We used to have them in Yasmin Yusof, and dare I say it... Patrick Teoh, in the old days (like I'm so old!), but now it's just all about how good you look in person or how mixed your ethnicity is. Have even an inch of each of those and you're a DJ for Hitz.


Carrot said...

i've not been listening to hitz. which radio station have they been putting down?

shoobaba said...

I'm pretty sure it's Fly FM!

binee said...

woah... totally agree with everything in this post. but i have to add red fm in the mornings is not that bad, william and syaz, give them a listen.

elleLee said...

it's not really jules' accent. IT'S HER RIDICULOUSLY SQUEEKY AND HIGH PITCHED VOICE. why why why hire someone with such a voice on radio. she should just do data entry!