Saturday, December 15, 2007

Glad the weekend is here

I used to dread the weekends cuz it meant being busy with family and friends, all packed into two wee days...

Which meant 5 blissful days of 'me' time! Except now I'm so busy with work, I'm thankful for the weekends. When I'm at "work" (aka. home), I have a fridge full of food and two TVs at my disposal, but I feel so obligated to do work because all my clients are! At least during the weekends I can say, hey, it's the weekend and I'm not obliged to work for you okay??!

So here I am, lying on the bed with my laptop, Facebooking.

I'm getting rather tired of Facebook actually. Tired of biting people, throwing sheep, sending booze, Scrabbling... the list goes on. Now I'm just looking at people's friends to see if there are any cute guys. None so far. Lots of hot girls though. Wonder if I should change my profile picture to something resembling a hot me.

Nope, can't find one :)

(Wonder if anyone will be taking pictures tomorrow night at Bar Club?)

1 comment:

Carrot said...

We'll take a hot one of you at Bar Club! :P