Friday, December 07, 2007

California Fitness service is the dumps

Went to California Fitness in Mid Valley a few days ago to start the 1 month trial.

I arrived at 9pm hoping to go for the 9pm street dancing class, but the girl at the reception refused to let us in till we had signed up properly for a pass. Okay, fine, since the class is about to start, can I enter first and leave the forms for the member who brought me to fill up? Oh no, you have to do it yourself. You should have come half an hour earlier.

How do we bloody know it takes a time-wasting half an hour to bring a guest with a trial pass in?

As if it wasn't annoying enough that we couldn't go in without all this fuss, the girl had to go and say "You should have come half an hour earlier. This is procedure." like we were professionals of registration. She was so uppity about it, I was about to retort when another guy at the reception turned to us and said, "Anyway, you can't go in now because warm up session has started."

I looked at the clock. It was exactly 9pm. What warm up session? The timetable says class starts at 9pm but there's a warm up session before that? So I asked that snooty faced guy, "What time is the warm up session supposed to be? How come it's not on the timetable?" And without a word, he turns back to do whatever he was doing before irritating me.

Bloody... !!

The only saving grace was the manager looking guy who explained the procedures to us nicely, albeit with bad english. Still didn't stop me from fuming about the uppity and snooty service people there. If they don't prove to be nicer in the one month I use their facilities, I'm SO not gonna sign up with them even though they're nearby!

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