Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hello Hello

I know it's been a really long time since my last post.

I've been sick for the past few days with fever, sore throat and a cold. Right now, I've got a bit of fever left and a nasty headache and my voice is only 80% back. I don't feel so good!

I suppose Charly doesn't feel too good either, with the Olympics being held in London 2012! What did you do when you heard the news Charly??!

Nice to see that Janice has finally visited my blog and left a message! Sorry for not updating, but I guess you would have read a lot of my posts and seen all the pictures since you haven't been here for a while. It'll be good to see you again in August!

I'm flying to Manchester next week, and hopefully have a great time there.

I've been watching BBC all night last night and all morning this morning to find out more about the London blasts. It's simply horrific!! I can't help crying when I hear the eyewitness accounts and when I see people hurt. I feel so scared that there can still be these kind of people in the world with such evil and cruelty without remorse in their hearts. And who seriously believe they're doing something good!

Well, my head is really aching and my body is so heavy... I'm so sick of lying on my bed too. I guess I'll have a lie down on my sofa and watch Jamie Oliver. I wonder what he's thinking right now in London?

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Anonymous said...

In London it was terrible...
But we don't lose our courage and keep on fighting terrorism..