Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tuesday morning in Telford

I've been getting nice communication from Mom, Dad and Elle (yes the one abducted by aliens a few months ago) so I'm feeling very nice and fuzzy. Their emails and comments are so funny. I especially like your dream Mum!! The one about someone bought you a ticket to watch a cartoon!

Yesterday I went to Birmingham and it was nice. I didn't expect it to look so nice from what people have been saying, but apparently outside the town centre isn't so good. I went to the Bullring shopping centre which is apparently "Europe's shopping capital". Oho!! It was nice, but I hardly think it is Europe's best.

It was the first time I've been to Selfridges and it was brilliant! Very expensive, but the decor is so artistic, yet department store friendly as well. I wish we had a Selfridges back home! So many nice home stuff too. I found a really nice spangly leafy covering for hanging lamps. I'm planning on buying 2 or 3 for my new home... (September, October, Daddy??) HEHE...

I'm putting in pictures after this post cuz I need to crop them etc so I thought I should write first.

Big Brother is such an awful show but ppl watch it all the time. Don't people have better things to do than watch not-s0-nice lookin people gossip and scheme?

Lots of news on Jude-Sienna-Nanny too. Stupid Jude.

Oh back to Birmingham/Brum. I saw the Aston Villa football stadium from far and wanted to take a picture for you, Dad, but I couldn't quite capture it. It was too far and the car was moving on the motorway.

Like I said, Brum was better than I expected. The buildings are old and really nicely designed. In fact, it looks like Melbourne there. There was one part which reminded me of the back road/lane between Myer and David Jones where people do busking, eat etc... remember that place, Mum??

Also visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery which was alright. Not too bad. It was free.

Oh there were a handful of policemen interrogating this foreign guy outside Bella Italia where I had lunch. I think he was having a few packages with him. Dunno what happened after that.

The Mailbox is a new, trendy, expensive shopping place... with all the really expensive stores. But behind is the canal with boats and restos which apparently is quite happening at night. It was pretty empty yesterday afternoon.

Tomorrow I might be going to one of the moors/lakes and staying the night before going to Alton Towers the next day, so I probably won't be here to post to my blog.

Oh right, before I stop writing, I finally let loose yesterday. The whole weekend I didn't step into any boutiques at all to shop and I was really proud of myself. I'd just point at stuff and say "I'm gonna buy that for Mum/Elle/Dad/souvenirs" and that's it. But yesterday, I bought a watch (my first digital watch in ages) and it's really funky and reasonably priced. Then I bought sunglasses (finally!)... the ones I wanted - colour, shape etc. And then I walked into FCUK saying "I'm not gonna buy anything" cuz it was gonna be really expensive, but in the end I bought 2 tees which are really nice and not TOO expensive either.

Still got money left, don't worry, not gone over budget yet because of my serious saving over the weekend!

Pictures coming up!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your pics..i think elle misses u..we had big yelling match yesterday..we're lovey dovey now:jst lettin off steam...we hv selfridges here, its called Mid valley!