Monday, July 18, 2005

First entry from Telford

Hi everyone! I've arrived safely and am now eating Coco Pops for breakfast, listening to the Goldeneye soundtrack. Eric Serra is the best composer in the world.

I purchased the new Harry Potter book yesterday for £9.99, meaning it's more than RM30 cheaper than back in KL! HA HA HA. I can't gloat TOO much though because after I bought the book, I went to Tesco and they were selling it for £7.99. Hmm... well, at least I saved some money compared to the KL-ites back home.

So far I've been to loads of places (and pubs). Taken lots of videos too. Here are some pictures I took. By the way, Charly, I will be in Paris after the 25th.

Me and Mom at the airport having a drink before I fly.

White Baa-Baa at Hoo Farm.

Black Baa-Baa at Hoo Farm.

I think this is the same White Baa-Baa. I had a nice conversation with this one.

Grey, Black and White Baa-Baas at Hoo Farm.

Black and White Moo flicking its tail.

Emperor Kuzco's second cousin 5 times removed. At Hoo Farm.

Poor little lambs trying to get out.

Two Baa-Baas trying to get the food in my hand.

Me on the Ironbridge, Shropshire. First iron bridge in the whole wide world.

Very impressive and huge power stations in the background. But what's nicer is the reflection off the river.

Interesting looking house.

A museum of something at Ironbridge.

Cute clock at Telford Shopping Centre. Your one-stop ssshhhhhopping experience.

One of two owls on duty during the Magical exhibition thing. Probably held in conjunction with the launching of Harry Potter.


ishkabula said...

Hey che che!!!! Had a look at the photographs you posted! Smashing!!! Really missing you even though it has only been about 3 days since you left... Bet you're having loads of fun eh! I realized life these few days has been really acegtbcauiutyvca because i have so many questions unanswered for you're not here to help me.... (to end the good english =D) I tell u boring wan u noe now...i gota study all that...n then i cant pop into ur room n c what ure doing n watch ur new videos or whatever stuff u r doing on ur laptop!!! - to be more specific i also cant borrow any of ur stuff!!! My eyebrows r hideous, im missing F.R.I.E.N.D.S, i got a new pimple on my nose...AGAIN... so many stuff that i usually borrow are with u n ah...haiya.. u noe lah...feels like SOMETHING is missing lor... okla gota get back to studying, bye! TAKE CARE!! Last minute advice as a sister : Dont stay around those baa-baas too much or the toxic chemicals in their poo will get to ur face!! tata!:D

Anonymous said...

lol...if you were under 15 you could get the Harry Potter book for £4.99 at WH Smith. Jay