Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ms Heartbreaker's 23rd Bash @ Poppy Garden

Yes! Yes! Finally the pictures have arrived! This night was really hectic for me because I'd been to Beach Babe's grand banquet before (for her birthday - pictures in the previous post) and then I had to leave early and rush to Ms Heartbreaker's party in town.

How could I miss it? I've known Ms Heartbreaker since I was 4 years old! Of course, she wasn't such a heartbreaker then... more like a little monkey.

Look how she's blossomed now...

Ms Heartbreaker and Boyfriend.

Ninjaboy et moi.

Gentle Giant et Binks.

Ms Heartbreaker et moi.

Ooelatualet et moi.

Binks and I.

Binks et sa femme HEHE.

Mr Always Late and I.

Binks' Femme, Az and I.

Az et moi.

Huey et moi.

From left to right: Az, Mun, Chun, Me... um, I can't remember his name. Please enlighten me!

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