Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alexa Chung, Lady Gaga and Rihanna

Yesterday afternoon was spent watching Youtube videos of the apparently-now-cancelled MTV show, It's on with Alexa, where Alexa Chung interviews actors, singers etc.

Among her guests, I was most interested in Lady Gaga and Rihanna's interview because they were so different. And I don't just mean different in the way one person is different from another, but: they're both huge stars and they both have a very distinct character and style that's stuck to them.

But during the interview, they couldn't be more different!

Okay, to be honest, Lady Gaga is absolutely different from all the other guests, but I only chose to compare her to Rihanna cuz they were the two biggest guests on the show.

Lady Gaga stares straight at the audience even when she's replying directly to Alexa and only occasionally glances at Alexa for the shortest of moments. Which could really come across as being rude or arrogant (I imagine Alexa had a hard time talking to the side of her huge blonde wig), but Lady Gaga seems to have averted that impression (to me, at least) by being very open in her answers. She never evaded anything and she would always elaborate her replies. Even when her replies are absolutely eccentric. But that adds to her specialness! I love how involved and eccentric she is - I'm really impressed by these people because they are so OBVIOUSLY born to do what they do.

Alexa: Let's talk about music, while you're on tour, what do you listen to?
Gaga: (pausing to think) My fans.

That might come across so totally as a poser reply, but the beauty of it is that she absolutely means it! She later explains that while performing, her fans' enthusiasm and energy affect her so much that she has to start writing music even when she wasn't planning to.

(There were 3 fans who were invited onstage to receive a special gift and a hug from Lady Gaga, and they were so totally crying and overwhelmed by the opportunity. This is so amazing to witness.)

And on the opposite side of the scale, Rihanna comes across as completely approachable, facing Alexa and answering all her questions openly and even admitting that "everything I wear is uncomfortable except for my underwear".

Maybe quite a pointless post this, but it was really interesting to watch these personalities and how good Alexa Chung is at her job :)

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