Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little insight to my home

Last weekend, we woke up to the living room looking like this:

It seemed that Pim had very nicely left his tracks for us with 'pee paws'. You can even see where he slipped a little on that front mark. Sigh.

It's not like we're much better though. Last weekend I was also in a hurry and my style sense wasn't really kicking in properly, hence this:

To be honest, the chair looks worse now, only because Schrobbenmaster has participated in the theme. If I may say so, only his items are left on the Red Chair.

Anyway, I went out shopping on my own and guess what I found?

La Senza! NL never had La Senza before this (I think so at least) and I'm so happy I can now get nice, fun and pretty designs at a price I can afford (it's way too expensive in KL).

This is starting to become a "pic or it didn't happen" post.

I'm on a strict budget - well, I tell myself so, but just between you and me, I've actually been spending a lot. Hey, at least I refrained from buying those really nice-looking heels at Manfield.

Uh, where was I?

Yes, I wrote a shopping list down that I intended to stick to, and thin socks were one of them.

They're 'slouch' socks! They look really nice with ankle or slightly above ankle boots. They were originally € 8 each, but I got them for € 3 each instead. When I went to the counter, the cashier beeped the socks in and then told me, "This is a really good deal, mevrouw!" and I went, "Ja! Verrrry good!".

So proud of myself for this purchase. I love things on sale!

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frachely said...

why is his pee-paw in white? looks like dried-up cement stain haha