Monday, May 09, 2011

PHOTOS: Pim, Paris and frachely!

I've been on strike from blogging the past few weeks because I was giving Schrobbenmaster motivation to do his part in a book I made for him 2 years ago. It's a book where we put photos of things that happen in our lives, sort of like the book in the animated movie 'Up'.

A kind of offline blog, if you like. Btw, what a lovely movie 'Up' was!!!

Anyway, Schrobbenmaster finally got to work on it and now I can share some photos with you guys.

My iPhone 3 was slowly dying on me, taking the same time to open a Twitter app as if it was trying to open Adobe Photoshop. So SuperHarry (Yay! A first appearance on the blog! *applause*) offered to jailbreak my iPhone, which would fix all its aging problems.

All my photos ended up in one big folder on my computer and I now have the pleasure of selecting those to share with the world...

Back in the days when Pim was still allowed to come into the bedroom, he used to love sleeping with us (and even without us, as long as there was a nice soft bed). One afternoon, I walked into the room and saw this pretty funny sight.

Wow, this sure brings back memories! When frachely was visiting last year, we took a little weekend trip to Paris, and because we were too cheap to buy a map while looking for our hotel, I saved a Google maps photo on my phone while I still had internet in NL...

... a metro map...

... and because we were still kinda lost on the way to the hotel, we found an old, dirty map behind a bus stop and, with frachely pointing at the destination so that we could easily pinpoint the location on the phone while walking, I snapped a photo of the map.

You can call us cheap, but you have to admit, we are RESOURCEFUL!

That's me standing on the balcony of the Paris Opera. For the second time in my life, I think. I've been to Paris three times now *ahem*. I'm sorry, I think Paris is beautiful, but seeing the same places again and again does become boring. I kinda like my long hair in this picture though.

And the view from the balcony. I must say it's rather difficult to cross the road even with the zebra crossing. It's still France, after all, eh?

And this is the result of frachely accidentally touching the Shoot button.

I think this was the first time I actually went shopping with a girl in NL. So girly, trying on stuff with no intention of buying them. Well, I was looking for a beanie, but I thought this one was a bit too childish for me (I ended up buying a similar beanie a month later anyway).

I thought this looked nice on frachely but I think she thought it didn't have much use, so she didn't buy it.

Look! Proof that I DID buy a similar beanie.

This was during last year's NS Try Out Festival, when Schrobbenmaster was staying in a hotel and I stayed over on Saturday night. I can't remember which city this was in though.

I love staying in hotels!

More proof that I don't lie (As the saying goes: "Pic or it didn't happen!").

Pim relaxing on the nicely made bed. I call that his 'hatching' stance.

Enough treats for everyone for now. Back to packing up to move!

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frachely said...

wah finally, i really dunno what to comment on Alexa Rihanna and Gaga lol


oh can we pretend i was aiming for an artsy shot in that 'accidentally pressed the shoot button', makes me sound smarter haha