Sunday, April 17, 2011

PHOTOS: Belated KL 2010 holiday (Ye Olde Smokehouse, Fraser's Hill and The Gardens)

Continuing my productive housekeeping Sunday - I already did the dishes, the laundry... and rolled up some wrapping paper nicely -  I hereby present some old pictures that were cluttering up my desktop to you.

When I was back for my first holiday in KL in 2010, Mumsy Bumsy, Yelleh Belleh and I went for a quick retreat to Fraser's Hill in Pahang. We stayed in Ye Olde Smokehouse and never set foot out of there except to go back to KL. It was so relaxing and cosy!

The long and lonely road to The Hills.

Okay, so we kinda got lost and took a more scenic route to The Hills. But this wasn't the reason we stopped at the police station...

This is why.

After going the whole distance and reaching the foot of the hill, we were greeted by this damn sign. And surprise, surprise... the police didn't know what to do about it. The police station is actually just on the left of this picture. So anyway, they told us that we could just go ahead, even though the paper there says "Road closed". Oh yeah, the orange sign says "Caution, fallen tree ahead" (for my non-Malay speaking readers).

So we went on...

... And halfway up, we encountered a semi-massive queue of cars which had to wait by the side of the road. We actually waited there 30 minutes before these trucks, which had been stuck behind the fallen tree, could go through. It's a very narrow road so we had to wait for the exiting traffic to pass before we could continue climbing.

But we finally arrived and checked in to a humongous room done up in old British style. Ah, the cosiness! Here's Yelleh Belleh, who seems to have found something amusing in the menu.

This is the little corner of the living room that we claimed for ourselves the whole evening. We just had tea and scones and talked and talked and talked.

Oh, how I miss scones and clotted cream! I would sacrifice my figure for scones and clotted cream.

Taking photos in our bedroom. Big four-poster bed near the door and a huge area to sit and read in two armchairs, a fairly large wardrobe with a round table with fruits and chairs, a writing desk/dressing table with a big mirror and on the left of the picture is another writing desk at two big windows and then the bathroom with nice little bottles of stuff.

We loved our room so much we had to take loads of pictures of it, of course.

And it's no accident that this armchair is in all the photos. I LOVE IT. It was so freaking comfortable! I could seriously read there all night.

 Hello, you.

Enough of Fraser's Hill. I also took my siblings for a day out at The Gardens, Mid Valley. They were so well-behaved, it was such a pleasure to take them out :)




Yelleh Belleh.

Scary-faced Arran.

They are very cute, hence the bombardment of photos of them drinking in a food court.

Happy Sunday!

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