Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PHOTOS: Cinderella at Nieuwe Luxor Theater and Motel Mozaïque at Schouwburgplein - also Izkaya and Thurston

Here are them pictures... for the text-based story, read here.

First up is the ballet of Cinderella that we saw at Nieuwe Luxor. We paid € 60 (excluding admin fee) for these really good seats. Normal shows are around half the price though... I guess ballerinas cost more? I must say the set and costumes were really really good though.

This is at the end when they're bowing and all.

During intermission, we walked upstairs to look at the view over the city. We weren't disappointed. That's the Erasmus bridge ahead of us and the Rotterdam city centre across the water.

And while I was at class, Schrobbenmaster made ice lemon tea (brought over from Greece by a friend) and was a complete housewife doing chores at home. Thank you!

Pim has been such a nuisance lately. He's started peeing on the floor of our living room and hallway once a week. And sometimes on our bathroom mat. And the worst came about when he peed on Schrobbenmaster's laptop bag (with all his personal belongings and documents inside!). I don't know what's wrong with him. If anyone knows about cats behaving like this, don't hesitate to let me know!

That night, we went to play pool in the city for the first time, as I mentioned already in the last post. But first, we tried out this bar called Izkaya. It's unique in that the tables are used as projector screens for the menu and games you can play with your friends. The projects are installed directly above the tables and there's at trackpad built into the tables.

The only problem is that because the patterns on the table are so bright, the waiters can't see when the table is dirty. We ended up sitting at a horribly dirty table and had to change the pattern background to a light colour in order to prove what we were saying to the waiter.

Schrobbenmaster playing Battleship with Hanselem.

After that, we headed to Thurston, a pool place in the city, apparently founded in the 18th century or something. Maybe not the current premises, but the brand name. I'm not too sure about it.

Now back to Motel Mozaïque. I previously wrote about the coloured light cubes. Here is Schrobbenmaster building me a prison of cubes.

Apparently other photographers in the area found this sight interesting and were snapping photos as well. I wonder if I'll become infamous? Hehe.

Schrobbenmaster had a taste of his own architecture as well.

This is the little house thing where they were putting green hats on people and trying to feed them. Don't ask me, man.

The beauty of Spring: beautiful blue sky/sunset at 8pm and a nice skyline.


frachely said...

Maybe he's pissed!! (pun not intended :P ) that you guys are moving out so he's marking his places?

Or like, "hmm if i dirty this place then they won't be able to sell it!"

nyehhehehe evil mind of cats hehehhe

shoobaba said...

We already went to the vet, so hopefully they'll have an answer and solution for us next week...

elleLee said...

HAHA! Cute photos! And Pimmyyy!

shoobaba said...

Pimmy is worse than Maxi now, marking his pee spots everywhere sigh