Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy new year everyone! Gelukkig nieuw jaar! Or should I say, "Gelukkig sneeuw jaar!" :)

I finally have a chance to sit calmly in front of my Mac in a reasonable state of mind. Reason being, I've been so darn busy since I last blogged that my neck is so stiff, my eyes are sore and I feel so drained, not to mention stressed thinking about work.

New year begins and so does the work. And yet I've had to play tour guide and chauffeur while Schrobbenmaster's parents were in KL. It was so nice of them to come and pay my family and I a visit, but a word of advice... next time you plan to have visitors, try not to plan it over the turning of a new year!

They arrived on January 1, which was fine as it was a holiday, but the following days have been a struggle, juggling long days out and about, with emails and designing work.

Today was finally the last day they are in Kuala Lumpur, and although I feel a little sad saying goodbye (Isn't it always sad? Except when you're bored shitless at a party and can't wait to leave...), but at the same time, I feel more relaxed as I can now stay in bed longer, and have time to get some work done that I'm being chased for.

It's a struuuuuggle!!

Anyway, really tired now, going to watch a show before bed. Watched half of The Big Fat Quiz Show (think that's what it's called) last night, not bad so far. British quiz show with celebrities answering questions about what went on during the year. I know Mumsy Bumsy will be asking me for it shortly after reading this post!

See you soon, folks!

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yes! where is it!