Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Retail therapy always works

I've been feeling rather down since Schrobbenmaster left KL two weeks ago. It was the hardest the whole week after he left, because not only was I stressed about waiting for the inburgering results from the IND, but I had a lot of work piling up from over the holidays. And of course the fact that I was again alone, living half in Kuala Lumpur and half in Rotterdam. Or Amsterdam (when Schrobbenmaster is at work). Or Hoorn (when he's with his parents).

That's a lot of places to be splitting myself up into.

Anyway, for the first week after he left, I basically didn't do anything AT ALL. I felt really dry creatively and demotivated. It might also have been because of the stupid internet being cut off and making everything incredibly inconvenient.

I tried motivating and inspiring myself again by drawing, watching TV and picking up some old books to read. Didn't really work.

I then got even more down when I thought of how I disliked the clothes in my wardrobe. Probably a girl thing. But I felt like I really needed some new stuff. And instead of buying one item a month, I wanted to buy a whole bunch of stuff at one go, to feel like I was revamping my entire wardrobe.

I started by clearing out things I absolutely would not wear again, including bags, scarves and all sorts of nonsense that's been hiding in there. The motivator was to feel lighter and more refreshed, and also because I wouldn't be able to keep many things here once I move to NL.

That done, I went to Telawi but only restricted myself to trying things which I deemed "practical" - "warm stuff" is how I put it. Didn't get much, but it was a start.

And this week all of a sudden, everything starts pouring in... I had a few vouchers to use at Topshop and Miss Selfridge, and I bought quite a few things there. "Warm stuff". Including a really cute scarf that was RM99, then slashed by half to RM49.50, and by using my RM25 voucher, I ended up paying only RM24.50 for it. How awesome is that?

Tonight I just came back from Pavilion with two new tops. "Warm stuff" again. Well, kinda. They're things to layer over each other. Talking about "warm stuff", MNG is having a really good sale on sweaters. Anyone going for a holiday to cooler weather should go check it out.

Besides shopping, other things have lifted my dark mood - my neighbours responded to a little note slipped under their door 3 weeks ago and gave me their internet password - for free! They are SO nice. I'm definitely sending them a present before I leave for NL. So now I have internet! Wooohooo!

One things leads to another, and because my mood is improving, I feel better about doing my work, and I'm finally getting things moving... and getting paid, most importantly!

Now to wait for news from the IND that I've got my permit!

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frachely said...

Dear Catherine,

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