Friday, January 22, 2010

Doing my best to write a fair opinion

I try my best not to be judgmental and I try to be fair and respectful at all times.

So my opinion as stated below, I hope, sounds fair and sensible. And if not, I would love to hear any arguments on why they're not.

Fat people - and I don't mean big-boned, but genuinely fatter-than-their-bodies-allow people - tend to generate disrespect from me. Yeah I can hear people starting to go "Ooh!" and already putting me on their hate lists.

But hear me out, when I say "fat people", I mean people who eat too much, who don't control what they consume, and who don't make the effort to be healthier by eating properly or working out. People who genuinely can't help their size because of a medical condition or their biological shape, or who are temporarily overweight because of some problems or setbacks in life... you get the picture... those people are not who I'm talking about.

So let me make it clear - this post is about people who consciously don't make the effort to live healthily, or who turn a blind eye and refuse to accept what they're turning into by their unhealthy living.

Okay, now to get down to it.

The reason I don't have respect for them is that it signifies to me a lack of discipline. If a normal person continues to eat and eat and ignores signs of getting unhealthily fat, does it not say that they are not brave enough to face reality and improve? Or maybe too lazy to want to do anything about it, and so just brush away these signs?

They are also waving away the responsibility for taking care of their bodies. There are people who are fat, and have their friends tell them that they're fat because they care about them, their friends tell them to cut back and control... but their choice is to ignore and refuse to take on the responsiblity for their health.

I think these are already warning signs. It won't only be eating that's a problem. It'll be junk food, it'll be smoking, it'll be addiction in general.

If someone doesn't have the discipline or responsilbility to take control of their addictions, it affects other parts of their life.

I do really have a lot of respect for fat people who decide to take charge and take the initiative to work out and eat healthily. I respect big-boned people who say, "I'm comfortable with my body!".

But when fat people who say, "I'm comfortable with my body and society can't make me feel bad about myself!", and then get cheers because they're supposedly big and proud... that annoys me because some of them are not big! They are not big, they are genuinely fat. And fat is a whole different story. Fat is unhealthy.

Fat is not something to be proud of, being comfortable in your REAL body is something to be proud of, whether it's small or big. We just have to find the right balance with everything.

All that said, I genuinely try to treat everyone the same way. And I genuinely hope to see the best in everyone I meet.


Interestingly, Schrobbenmaster has just told me that KLM now requires people over 120kg and/or cannot put the armrests down have to buy two seats on the plane. And that's fair, because currently, anyone who has to sit next to someone whose body spills over onto their seat is just spoiling their flight experience. The seats are small enough as it is, without having to have someone make it just that little bit worse.

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frachely said...

I saw that KLM news yest too. Apparently they got sued when they requested a Mexican to buy 2 tickets. which is why they are implementing this rule.