Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The annual "looking back" year-end post

Yes it has been a while since I've been here.

Christmas was incredibly busy and tiring, with all the stress of present-buying and worrying what to give who and dealing with the crowds and devoting all my energy to willing people to stay away from the shopping mall I would be visiting that day. Stressful is also when I have to get as much work done as possible while doing all of the above. And keeping Schrobbenmaster entertained on his holiday in KL.

I think I managed to do all of that - without too many frowns and sighs - pretty okay.

In a way, I'm glad December 25th has passed, and I'm glad I can still enjoy my little Christmas tree with the wooden toys and red shiny balls. But the year is coming to a close and it's kinda nostalgic.

The time is drawing near when I'll be moving (immigration allowing) to NL, and it's starting to scare me, all the people and things that I'll be leaving behind. It's gonna be really hard. And also knowing that I might have to leave everyone at the airport and fly alone, that's kinda worse. I'm crossing my fingers that Mumsy Bumsy can find time off work and a cheap flight to go with me.

The best presents I received this Christmas were from:

Schrobbenmaster: A new Lacoste purse. Really needed a new purse as the threads were already unravelling on my old one.

Mumsy Bumsy: "Maxi the mini", a soft toy version of Maxi, my Silky Terrier. Except that the soft toy is a Golden Retriever. She said she couldn't find the exact breed, but nevertheless, Mini Maxi is soft and good company for falling asleep. And will keep me safe in NL.

So what have I achieved this past year?

Off the top of my head, I suppose I have...

  1. Kept Goodputty Design going for another year (2 years now!)
  2. Visited friends in Melbourne after some time
  3. Visited Bangkok for the first time
  4. Visited The Netherlands for the first time
  5. Stayed out of Malaysia for 3 months in one go, longest ever
  6. Learnt Dutch
  7. Designed a wedding invite for one of my closest friends
  8. Twisted my ankle
  9. Learnt how to cook about 8 dinner dishes AND cooked almost every day for 2 months
I guess that concludes my end-of-the-year post. Will definitely try to get another in before we actually say Goodbye to 2009 *sniff*.

Until then, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and here's to a brilliant ending to 2009 and a promising start to 2010!


ruben said...

I wish you an brilliant new years eve and i hope to see you soon in NL.
Best wishes Ruben (eenbrauw)

shoobaba said...

thanks! will definitely see you soon *crossing fingers*!

hope you had a great new year celebration too with all the snow :P