Saturday, November 07, 2009

What a bartender sees

Just a quick one before heading into the shower and popping a Midsomer on the new Samsung LCD ;)

Was posted at the cocktail station tonight at WIP. Nicer to make straight drinks like whisky water, whisky coke, vodka lime, gin tonic etc. Not as tiring and painful for my muscles as making mojitos.

Interesting watching people all around. Sometimes people treat you differently when you're standing behind a bar instead of in front of one. For the record, please never call someone by the hand gesture of "Come come" like you're calling an animal. That is just plain rude, and it shows your level of sophistication.

Westerners tend to be nice, with the exception of a few, who are usually female, who are really arrogant and can't seem to smile when making any orders. Guys are jollier but can sometimes be really impatient. Hey, if you come to a popular bar when it's busy you do have to give us some time.

Kinda good-looking people tonight. Well, only two or three, but those two or three were much better-looking than average so it helps the night pass by easier. My standards are high.

Oritey then, I'm all sticky and yucky so catch you guys tomorrow!


RedDog said...
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shoobaba said...

Hello RedDog.

Yeah, from what I see behind the bar, things just aren't organised. Actually only one or two people behind the bar are authorised to key in orders and... wait a minute. I should probably write this in a blog post.

Way too long for a comment.

Rik van der Kroon said...

About the impatience of westerners at bars, you know that my biggest annoyance from going out in KL is the slowness of ordering a drink.
Standing about for 10 minutes before getting served, getting your drink, giving out cash, and by the time you finish your drink you might be lucky getting change back.

I don't want ordering drinks to be a chore!

Generally its not the waiters fault but places like Zouk are simply understaffed.