Saturday, November 07, 2009

PHOTOS: Central Market old facades

I'm currently working on my Dutch teacher's website design. Have a rough idea of how I want it to look like, but can't get the exact design out of my head. It's in there somewhere, that lightbulb of a design... just need to nudge it out lovingly :P

So in the meantime, here are some more old photos from the Blog folder on my desktop.

I suppose in the spirit of travelling, tourists, foreigners and Malaysia, Truly Asia, I'll show some shots I snapped from my phone while driving in town. Don't mistake Kuala Lumpur for Bangkok or most other South East Asian countries. It is a modern city in terms of its buildings, nightlife and skyscrapers. However, we do still retain some of the *ahem* old character. Which I'm quite fond of, by the way.

I believe this batch of photos was taken as I was driving past Central Market, towards the Masjid Jamek area.

I like the character of these buildings. If only the people in the area would be a little more civilised.

I don't mean THEY'RE uncivilised, I just mean the people there in general. I like how they're wearing hoodies and caring about being fashionable. It's just a tad funny to be wearing hoodies in KL. But then *ahem* I do wear boots to work behind the bar. I have the excuse that it's more comfortable for standing around for 6 hours than ballet flats though. Yeahhh.....

Maybe they're not so uncivilised after all, if they oppose the ISA. And not everyone can be artistic. Give them a break, man :P

However, with the effort put in, an 8 year old CAN produce artwork like this. Don't be crude, people. If you wanna get your voice heard, do it in a manner that appeals to people, not repel them!

Okay, back to work.


frachely said...

wth man i wear hoodie too my Jap friend wears hoodie too! there are hoodies made for the summer, especially for places with excessive airconditioning -__-

shoobaba said...

i think i'm too old to wear hoodies... :(

shoobaba said...

actually, to correct myself, i think it's just not my style to wear hoodies.