Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sometimes I'm proud of myself

I'm so glad I spent all that money in previous (more prosperous) times on my design books. I used to "steal" books from Slavedriver's studio and keep them for ages. Proved very useful. But he's recently asked for some of them back, one of which is a packaging/folding design book. I thought, "Bah, I don't need that because I hate packaging and I don't really do work like that anyway.".

And today I realised that I do, in fact, need it to see how to fold a CD cover. I tried Googling for it but no luck. Then the lightbulb "ding"ed above my head and I remembered that I did buy one such book some time ago. Walked into the office (these days I work on the dining table... gives me more of a casual mood) and found said book. Smiled to myself and gave myself a pat on my back for being so foresighted.

Incidentally, did you know that 'Googling' is a proper word according to the spellchecker? It told me 'realised' was spelt wrongly (Americans!) but 'Googling' is a perfectly legitimate word! Amazing. One day perhaps 'Goodputtying' will be a word too. There goes the big red underline telling me it isn't yet.

Okay back to work. Just had to blog about my ingenious and foresighted thinking.

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