Friday, September 04, 2009

A windy day and Mama's noodles (yum)

Word of the day: hoofdpijn = headache

Today has been the windiest day yet in Rotterdam. Since I've been here, I mean. Heh.

The wind has been at it all day, blowing the trees about outside the big living room window and causing the doors to rattle even though only two top windows are half open. It looked like it was threatening rain so I quickly ran out to the supermarket down the street to grab the ingredients for tonight's fried noodles.

I'm hoping that it'll come out tasting somewhat like Mama's noodles that she makes for me for lunch. Or used to, when she came over to stay in my house or when we went up to Penang. These days she lets the maid do what she's paid to do, but it's not as tasty as her own noodles!!

Um... back to the topic, shall we? I bought such heavy stuff I was afraid my shopping bag would break, but thankfully it didn't. An hour later though, I realised that I'd forgotten to buy paprika. Shites. So I ran back out and braved the wind yet again. Rotterdam streets are so full of sand and dust that I keep having to squint and blink as if I'm trekking across the Sahara.

Scene back to the house from the supermarket.

Not trying to be artsy here (honest!). Was just trying to show how windy it is, but didn't wanna hold the phone right in front of my face like some poser, so there you go. Nice blue sky to boot.

And... yes, that's my foot taking me home. Snapping photos was at least something to do while walking alone.

It finally started pouring for about 5 minutes after I got back. I just stayed home all day surfing, playing The Sims 3 and watching a few episodes of Hellsing. Interesting story, but not as gripping as Blood+. Heh.

Tomorrow, off to watch a movie! Should it be Inglourious Basterds or The Taking of Pelham 123?

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frachely said...

go for the Basterds! lol