Monday, September 07, 2009

Moving the bedroom and study

Word of the day: knuffel = hug

Oh gosh, I saw Paris Hilton's New BFF show today on MTV. Just caught the last bit with elimination. One girl just couldn't stop crying even though Paris never made any remark or indicated that that girl would go out. She just kept screwing up her face and crying at every word that came out of Paris' mouth. How ridiculous. She ended up being one of the last two, anyway.

This weekend has been very domestic indeed. We moved the bedroom from the little narrow room to the master. Took apart old closets that would've fallen apart if moved, and kept the closets that could still move a few feet without crashing to the floor :P. Made a whole lot of ruckus at 11pm and I was kinda afraid that the neighbours from below would come scolding us, but they didn't.

Schrobbenmaster tearing apart a small chest of drawers that had one roller wheel lodged halfway inside it, making the chest lopsided and not very pretty to look at. I think he secretly enjoyed being macho amongst all the chaos, destroying furniture and hammering away at the wood. He had to clear it all up to store in bags later though, so I think that kinda domesticated Mr Macho back to his old self.

Found a small packet of weird gunky glue amongst the old renter's rubbish that she left behind. So we used it to glue the front of some drawers back to their sides. As in, so that when we pull open a drawer, we're not left holding the handle and a plank of wood while the rest of the drawer stays in the cabinet.

Today, we moved the computers from the living room into the old bedroom, ie. the new study. As a result, the living room is now pretty cold without all our computers and screens warming it up. It was a big task tidying and rolling up cables. Gawd, that's the worst thing about computers, isn't it? I wonder how those dudes at Campzone make all that effort every year.

Oh yes, there was one more closet for Mr Macho to tear apart, but first, he has to let go of the Inner Child.

It's been about three hours now that I've been sitting in the new study and it's feelin' niiiiice!

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frachely said...

show photos of the new room!

p/s: they WANT to be Paris' BFF, can't expect them to be smart haha