Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alexandrium, Royal Yelly, Durex-To-Go, grandma's noodles

Last weekend, Schrobbenmaster and I took a trip to Alexandrium to look at wardrobes. Wow, some of them were remarkably expensive, like one shelf about 220cm high and 50cm wide cost about €800!

It was a good trip out though, and I finally managed to visit a large supermarket (considered normal size for KL). It was the Albert Heijn XL.

I think it was the day after that Schrobbenmaster and I went to run errands, such as buying a huge bag of jasmine rice, plus some sushi rice for Japanese cuisine, restocking our Indomie and Mama instant noodles and purchasing train and tram cards for the both of us.

So we decided to treat ourselves to a late lunch at Bagels n Beans!

We sat indoors at first because all the tables outdoors were taken. Boo. I did see something amusing, though. In Dutch, the letter 'j' is pronounced like an English 'y'. But it's funny to see English words actually spelt the way they pronounce it.

My phone couldn't capture the writing, but it says: "Royal Yelly". I'm gonna start calling Yelleh Belleh that when I get home.

The waitress also asked if I was English. I guess the prim, Cambridge-y outfit I was wearing that day encouraged that opinion. I don't mind looking scholarly sometimes, and now it's even better that I can toughen it up with my leather jacket. Niiiiiice! (Sorry, no photo of my outfit)

On our way home, we stopped by the newsagent's to pick up a birthday card. I waited outside with the bikes and saw this.

You wouldn't find that in KL! Would you? Possibly only in restrooms. I think.

I wonder how often they restock this Durex-To-Go vending machine. It looks pretty worn out and yucky. I wonder what kind of people use it. Would definitely save a trip inside the shop and waiting in line while holding a box of 'Close Fit'. Hehe. Then again, don't the Dutch pride themselves on "being themselves" and letting people be who they wanna be without judging?

I wonder if there are any other reasons besides speed and convenience for this delapidated Durex-To-Go, or is it just plain ol' boring "cuz it's easy"?

Or am I over-thinking this?

I tried another recipe last week. Well, I altered it quite a bit, but with some cooking experience behind me, I felt fairly confident that it would still be edible with all the changes I made. My attempt at recreating my grandmother's noodles:

Wasn't anything like her noodles, but it was decent enough. Had to re-fry it to put more taste into the clumpy noodles though. Wonder how they got so clumpy. Must attempt it once more.


frachely said...

Yello, I yad tom hum noodles hesterdah. it was verh nice! Hummy!

Rik said...

The Durex machine is there because shops close at 5 and the urges of people don't have a clock.

Besides that its also for people who are shy of standing in line at a pharmacy, like younger teenagers or just insecure people.

They are expensive but are clean and safe. They look a bit shabby because the weather does a pretty harsh number on them.

elleLee said...

royal yelly would be a bit harder to say but i like it!