Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ignorant me and Mind The Gap

Word of the day: krant = newspaper

I noticed something... the more exciting my life is, the less I want to blog. I guess it's because I'm too busy doing really, really exciting things (haha). Also cuz it means there's more things to write about and that's a huge chore in my mind. So I guess I'll go slowly so it doesn't feel like such a pain in the ass.

Oh, know what... I also just realised something else which lots of you might like to knock me on the head for, but well, I just realised a few days ago that Rembrandt... is a first name. Yaah... I honestly always thought they called him Rembrandt in books as a last name, like da Vinci, or Michelangelo... ... hang on, is Michelangelo a last name?

... checking...

OKAY... so apparently Michelangelo IS a first name. Goodness, and I call myself an art student? Let me rephrase the sentence above then...

I honestly always thought they called him Rembrandt in books as a last name, like da Vinci, or Renoir. But his full name (for those who are as ignorant and who would like to be enlightened) is Rembrandt van Rijn.

*Michelangelo's full name is Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni. THAT'S why he's only known as Michelangelo, I guess.


Last Sunday, there was a youth event in Rotterdam called Your World 09. Schrobbenmaster was filming the inline skating competition so I tagged along to watch it.

Schrobbenmaster taking a photo of me waiting under the tent with a fish-eye lens.

From the top of the ramp, the starting point for the skaters.

In another event, there was some sort of PS2 dance contest. I really like this photo I took. One of every 100 photos I take do actually come out nicely.

Also a pretty big stage for performers. Didn't know any of them, but mostly hip hop was played.

Photo of the crowd. Was a sunny day but I was actually quite cold and shivering even. Strange.

Okay, off to make dinner. Will post stuff on the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam later.

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frachely said...

nice post. REAL long. haha

I feel cheated!! :P