Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How much do Mac laptops weigh? And work is good :)

Word of the day: verkeer = traffic

Have you tried running as quick as you can in ballet flats (even comfy Clarks ones) while carrying a 15" MacBook Pro in your bag? Damn, Mac laptops are HEAVY.

Schrobbenmaster and I were rushing towards the metro station to catch it and connect to the train which would bring us back from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. We really had to be on time as he had an appointment at 7pm which he couldn't miss.

We beeped through the barriers and Schrobbenmaster ran up the escalator first. And boy, this escalator is like the London Underground escalators which go on forever. So there I was, frustratedly running/climbing up with this ton of bricks in my bag. I reach the platform, see the metro still there and Schrobbenmaster running towards it to stop it from closing its doors. And by the way, the platform is not that long, and the metro is even less long, and yet, it has to stop really far away from the escalators. Curses!

It was like, I reached the top of the escalator and think "Phew!" for a split second before realising that the darn metro is still at about 50 metres more of running.

And yet, after all that effort, with another man in his 40s running with us to the metro, it decides to close its doors and push off. Frustration!

Thank goodness with a bit of re-planning of routes, we managed to reach Rotterdam in time and still be able to pop into the Albert Heijn supermart to grab some dinner.

(There is a new Midsomer Murders episode on the server ready to watch! Woohoo!!)

Work, by the way, is going well at the moment. Not very busy, which is actually a little scary, since it means that everything will start pouring in during the last few days of the week, which therefore might mean longer days and exhaustion. Colleagues are friendly though, so that's really nice.

And lunches are always interesting, with lots of different food to try out. I usually have turkey ham and cheese with bread though, although today I had tapenade, which was yummy. I must say the "desserts" are weird though, as they eat chocolate and rainbow (fruity) sprinkles, that we sprinkle over ice cream, on bread with butter! Hmm... very strange, but oh well, sprinkles are always yummy, so who cares?


frachely said...

sprinkles on butter and bread, hmm sounds like sth an American would do haha have u ever tried deep fried oreo O_O

shoobaba said...

nope... oreos deep fried together with what??

frachely said...

pisang goreng style. in this case, oreo goreng.

i think they called it something batman cuz it's black inside -___-