Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

I woke up yesterday to my first Valentine's Day with G.

We've been together over 3 years now, but this is the first time we're actually together to celebrate it. Well, I say "celebrate", but we didn't do anything anyway, besides getting each other gifts. So far, we've been together during my birthday once and our first anniversary... that's all!

Anyway, I woke up on V Day alone since G left for work at 6.30am, but to my delight, I found a rose on the keyboard, with a heart box of chocolate truffles (my fave!) and a wrapped book. He also left a card which made me smile. How sweet. I left him a card on the door for when he left for work in the morning, so he thought I'd only got him a card (since I told him I'd been lazy and hadn't been to town at all this week... which was a lie!).

Truth is, I DID go to town on Wednesday which was market day, but by the time I reached town, they were just packing up. I was too lazy to walk down in the morning so guess that was my punishment! Anyway, G came home last night to find a Kinder Surprise Egg with a note on the kitchen counter asking him to look in the jam cupboard... which led him to a jar of homemade lemon curd (he likes that)... which asked him to look in the toilet (yes, the toilet, but that's cuz he was to find a mint and tea tree shower gel... he likes weird stuff)... the shower gel took him to his bed where there was a flower there, and underneath was his favourite magazine, which led him back to the kitchen to find two bottles of beer hidden behind the lettuce!

I could tell he was excited by this mini hunt cuz he was leaving all the cupboard and toilet doors open, lights on and all. How cute :P Anyway, I felt that it was all worth it seeing him find all the things he likes around the place. And when he went to sleep, he removed the top pillow to find one last chocolate champagne egg there.


Anonymous said...

ah, to be young... so romantic and creative.

Carrot said...

so sweet! :)