Thursday, February 07, 2008

The birth of a scone

When I write on my blog, I like to enlighten or share knowledge with people. I think it creates a sort of interactive thing, where I get to tell people how I feel about things I've seen, and they, in turn, can think about what I've said and respond to it.

Today, I thought I'd write about staying here in England. I don't think many people have been here as long or as often as I have, so it would be interesting to read about life here in the English countryside. It's quite different from studying or working in the city! Problem now is, I've been here so many times and for so long, that nothing is really new to me anymore, and so it's kinda difficult to write about it.

Therefore, I've decided to just write about what I do every day (or most days anyway, since sometimes I just sit and watch TV at home and do nothing interesting AT ALL) and you guys can read for yourselves, how it differs from where you live. Today, though, I've nothing exciting to tell, except that I baked scones! I present to you, a picture diary of G's and my baking process.

Okay, I know they look more like crusty rolls than scones, but trust me, they do taste yummy!

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