Sunday, February 24, 2008

And what do we get?

It's really cloudy today. It's nearly noon, but the sky is as grey as the 6.30pm KL sky.

I've been watching TV the past few nights and seen some good movies and programmes. Which got me thinking... the satellite company we subscribe to is Sky, and it has, literally, hundreds of channels. Their programmes are hardly ever repeated, and if they are, it's only 3 to 4 times a week at different times.

ASTRO, on the other hand... ho ho... ASTRO. They play the same movie every day, at the same time, for a month! And Mumsy's been telling me that all her favourite shows are repeats. And have been for several months. I hardly think people are going to watch different programmes just because theirs aren't available, do you? What's the point of bringing in new channels with different programmes, if you're not going to update existing ones? If I watch E! Channel all the time, and see something that I've seen before, am I likely to switch to Discovery Real Time until I've seen everything, then switch again?

Sky provides satellite TV, telephone services and even broadband in one package - at a grand total of... £19 (approx. RM130) a month. Shit, that's what we pay for a typical family's Astro package! And the broadband is up to 2mbps download speed! This is for a home user, mind you. In KL, we're paying RM188 (approx. £30) for the same download speed. No TV. No phone.

Okay, I'm not here to complain about broadband prices (and reliability), although researching it now is making me more pissed off. I'm here to complain about Astro. As the biggest satellite TV provider in the country, it should look less on profiteering from us, and more on giving us value for what we pay for. It snows, it hails, it's damn heck windy here in Northern England and yet there are never any interruptions in our TV-watching. £19! Shite... just thinking about what WE get for the same amount sickens me.

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