Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Revealed: Orange Juice

I'm no expert on juices, but I have tried a few in my time, so here goes. Keeping in mind that these are all carton juices and they're not gonna taste 100% fresh, this is my guide to Orange Juice.

Let me start with popular names.

Marigold. Just had some today, and contrary to what I thought before, it's not too bad. It might not have tasted all that great, but I was too busy discussing work to really take note. I did notice though, that it has a very strong (and artificial-looking) orange colour. For goodness' sake, we've all had freshly squeezed orange juice before and a juice that looks like it's been overly fake-tanned is not gonna make us drool with anticipation.

Peel Fresh. This is my least favourite among orange juice brands. It's so darn sweet that I have to wonder if the 'real orange pulp' inside really is authentic pulp, or "really orange" pulp. I don't know what else to say. This brand is just too sweet to be real orange juice, dude.

Ceres. Okay, this brand is really quite affordable even though it looks high-class. I had this quite some time ago so my memory of it has faded somewhat, but I don't remember enjoying it much. Where Peel Fresh is too sweet, I think Ceres is too sour. And I really hate orange juice that's too sour. Why not invest in some proper oranges that are friendly to the tastebuds?

Liqui-Fruit. This is my favourite brand. I only recently discovered it, and I'm lovin' it! It's from South Africa and is also quite affordable. I think it's under RM5 for a carton. Besides their orange juice, I've had other flavours and it still tastes real, authentic, juicy and just right on them good ol' tastebuds. It's also easy on the eyes. Meaning it's not too orange and not too yellow lah. I'm not sure if it's as widely stocked as the previous brands, but do look for it and try some! As far as I know, they're sold in Village Grocer @ Bangsar Village and Cold Storage @ BSC.

There are other brands I'd love to try, like Florida's Natural, but it's just too expensive (nearly RM20 for a carton, admittedly double the size of the brands above, but still!). I'm sure it tastes yummy though.

I hope this will help you save time during your next supermarket outing. Hehe.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Revealed!

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Carrot said...

hey do try florida's natural, it's really nice. yeah it's kinda pricey but it's BIG!! hehe just tell yourself it's worth the money cos it's supersized :P

liqui-fruit is quite nice too!