Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas wrappers

Christmas is less than a month away and I'm gearing up for lots of spending, lots of cheer and best of all, lots of Christmas music!

You might think that sounds crazy, but Christmas music just makes me feel so happy and peaceful inside. I love it!

I was hoping (and planning) to spend Christmas in England this year because it would feel so much more Christmassy there. Carols, lighting of trees, pantomimes, plays, all the shops with beautiful decor... but sadly (and irritatingly), work got in the way and I've had to postpone my trip. I wonder if I can talk my way into getting ang paus from Grandpa G's family.

Anyway, seeing as I'll be here, I may as well get into the mood and have fun. Every year, I have a different theme for wrapping presents. Although I'm excruciatingly broke this year, I've decided that the amazing wrapping papers I've seen are worth the money and I've chosen my theme for this year to be Cute Wrapping Papers. No more ribbons, just cute wrappers and plain-coloured nametags.

The standard of wrapper designs has really shot up. Here are two that I purchased recently. They're from a.e.i.o.u. studio. I've noticed that their stuff are really nice, so keep the good work up and keep the prices low, guys! (Wrappers are RM1.50 each)

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elleLee said...

hey can u buy some of those fancy wrappers for me please? i think i'll rewrap the presents because i only had crumpled wrapping paper and no box at that time looks ugly. and gives out a bad impression of me.=)