Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Work, eBay, and work!

Left work at 11.15pm today. That's almost 12 hours of work with only a break for lunch!

My head was starting to spin at about 9pm, and I felt the "adrenalin shakes" creeping up on me at 10pm. Ever felt that? It's like you're just barely shivering. Sometimes synonymous with "shivering with excitement".

On another subject: Have the storms in the last week disrupted any part of your lives? It certainly has mine! I can't flash my access card in and out of my own condo, for one! So I have to wait for the guards to come out with their own access cards to let me enter, while saying "Tomorrow, tomorrow". The storms have also wrecked my office electricity supply. The wiring in the building is already ancient enough, and it just took the storms last week to give us 4 blackouts a day, epileptic PCs and fears of mass electrocutions.

Anyway, hopefully that's all over with. It would be TRAGIC if it happened this week since Off The Edge is due to close (on Tuesday actually, but quel surprise! It hasn't closed yet). We're already facing hard times, what with Grace taking a convenient little holiday a few days before deadline, Nick the Sub flying off to exotic Italy to cover some motoring do, and Danny Lim, our senior writer, in Europe for some glamourous film festival.

Poor me!

And on an unrelated subject, I promise to put up pictures of my nice, relaxing holiday in the UK by the weekend.

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