Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The "Get Drunk" Party Premiere

Yo ho ho guys, it was the premiere of our GET DRUNK PARTY last Friday!

Didn't snap any photos that night cuz it doesn't seem very cool to bring a camera to nights out. Seems a little vain, if you ask me. But considering this was our premiere, we really should have brought a cam!

I think the party was a "modest success", as Daniel P puts it. Granted, we did end up with a higher ratio of drivers to drinkers than we wanted, but at least the planners of the GDP succeeded in their mission - "liquid yawning" (as described by Andrew T) all around Bukit Bintang and as for me, hugging the pavement all the way up to my condo because SOMEONE couldn't carry me on his shoulders!

So here's to another great GDP! If anyone sees our mascot up on MSN or on this blog - you know there's one coming up REAL SOON. Here it is.

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