Sunday, June 17, 2007

Supermarket failure

I'm so embarrassed by the local treatment of the big-name supermarket TESCO!

Everything about the local branch of Tesco is disgusting! They've managed to turn the biggest middle-class supermarket in the UK into something, dare I say it, worse than Giant! I say worse because, on its own, Giant is pretty well alright. It's a local hypermarket, it's meant to be cheap, we forgive it for looking cheap.

But Tesco! Tesco in England looks well done - in fact, I admit I've "hung out" at the Telford store for nearly an hour one night - and the items there are very very very buy-able indeed. I don't mean the prices, but the items themselves. They stock non-food items that people actually might look at and start drooling over. When was the last time you saw something like that in Tesco Mutiara Damansara? Dammit, why do we always ruin good things?

On another note, I watched Shrek 3 with the family today. It was pretty funny. Not "roll on the floor" level, but entertaining and amusing enough. After that was lunch at Dome, which is seriously pricey now. Daymn, a nasi lemak is only 50 sen cheaper than a pasta in there! And the white teacup they served us was so old, it had turned black. I'm sure Dome can afford to give away a handful of teacups and replace them with brand new white ones.

Not that Dome is really bad... Secret Recipe is awful!

I would say Secret Recipe is the worst successful food restaurant I've been in. They've only really gone to the dogs this year. Of the ones I've visited, I'd say the ABSOLUTE WORST in terms of service AND food quality is the Taman Desa branch. The floor staff there are, literally, incredibly stupid and uncourteous. I was going to say "next on the list is..." but I realise that the other branches don't even come close to the Taman Desa branch in terms of stupidity. But just for mention's sake, the Mid Valley branch have some pretty brainless hired help too. For example, stretching across a table full of customers to clear some plates, the waiter was told by my mom, "Why dont' you come over to this side?" so it was easier for him to clear, which was also the polite way of saying "Don't stretch across the table in front of customers, you idiot", and the guy came up with the brilliant response, "No, it's okay". Oh... wow. How... considerate...?

Anyway, I digress. Really I do. I was just gonna talk about my day.

Later at night I met up with Sharry Berry and some of the college dudes. We got to talking about our friends who are marrying or have married early. The guys are 25 years old and already getting married. I say, "That's too young, mate!" That's what I say. Yep. So Daniel comes up with the best reason: Some people just don't have wanderlust. Nice word, huh? Some people just don't have the inclination to find out more about the world, to look for something better. Not that people should look for someone better than the person they're currently with, but I'm just saying that "settling" is not always the answer. Why settle when you don't have to settle?

Tomorrow is Father's Day! I'd like to wish a huge Happy Father's Day to my dad (if he reads this blog) and to other fathers out there. Treat your daughters and sons well and they'll be happy and be forever indebted to you. Peace and Love to all mankind! Yowzaasss!!

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