Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Violations to environmental peace

Kelvin! I'm sure you don't drive at 50 km/h on that road. No one does. Not even the bicyclists. Plus, that bus was full of people, and a certain responsibility goes with being a bus driver: 1. A public service transportation, 2. Maximum 50 passengers on a bus, 3. A bus driver is trained to drive a big vehicle, 4. A big vehicle can cause mucho mucho damage in an accident. So there! :P And, yes, I will be careful on that road.

Anyway ANOTHER traffic incident to complain about! This time, not driving, but more of an environmental issue.

At least once a day I'll see a truck or bus with black smoke coming out of its exhaust pipe. And that really pisses me off because the city is just getting hotter and hotter and what with the HUGE fire yesterday (70 houses burned down, 500 homeless), imagine the poor ozone layer and all our oxygen.

So anyway, this cement mixer was the 3rd vehicle today in violation of our environmental peace. He had absolutely jet black smoke coming out. I really don't understand why the drivers or the maintenance people, or the boss, can't do something about it? Like clean some part of the engine or exhaust pipe??! They're so damn ignorant. I hate them! Curses on them and their own vehicles.

I got a number off this mixer : KV 5046A. I dunno if it's the number plate, but there you go. Shame on you! And if anyone comes across this post and knows why people won't take care of their engines, do tell me.

And don't give me some stupid dumb 'MONEY' reason, because our environment is more precious than any amount of money.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My gosh, how frustrating is it to know that people are visiting your blog, yet refuse to leave comments in writing?

I encountered a really dumb, stupid bus driver today. Drivers like him are the ones who cause fatal accidents! Bloody idiot.

First of all, I want to state that his license plate number is WFW 1192 and it's a RapidKL blue-white-red bus travelling the route to Cyberjaya.

I was driving at about 100-105 km/h on the right lane of a two-lane curving road. This bus suddenly appears behind me nearly kissing my ass! There are a few cars in front of me going at the same speed I am, but he still insisted on tailing my backside! First of all, it's unnerving having a huge bus so close behind you, secondly, he's going as fast as I am, meaning that if I had braked, or gone over a huge rock and swerved, he would have run over my car, crushing me! I felt so angry at him after thinking about what he had done! And what he could have done!

When there was an opening in the left lane, he went back to the left lane - AND SPED UP! He was already going at 100+ km/h when he's only supposed to be doing 80 km/h on a non-highway. Then he overtakes me, meaning he went above 100 km/h, and then what? He stops at the side of the road a bit further up to drop passengers! I also took a look at him and he was driving with his left hand only. His right hand was comfortably rested on the door. I wish I could report him and his reckless driving! God, just imagine, I could have been crushed underneath that huge mass of a vehicle if the cars in front had emergency braked, or I'd swerved over something.

So if you see the bus, don't get on it! Or give it one hell of a punctured tyre. You might be in a bus accident next. Take care of yourselves, KL-ites.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

To Hip and Happening Parisians! Pour tous les très cool Parisiens!

I've decided that this trip to Paris, I'll do more local things rather than visit touristy places again. So if any happening Parisian happens to drop by my blog, do leave a comment for me. I'd like to know :

  1. Your favourite nightspot (restaurant, café, club, bar)
  2. A great and cheap place to eat with lots of ambience
  3. Good shopping
  4. Places to sit and listen to great music (lounges/bars)
  5. Best places for people-watching (Parisians!)

And anything else you might like me (and others) to know! Remember to leave addresses or nearby landmarks so I can find these places.

My sister Elle was caught by evil Zwerklings the other day.

Here's her story...

"I was walking down the street one day, near the Eiffel Tower. It was a great day - the birds were chirping, the ground was slightly wet and slippery from a little snowfall earlier. Suddenly, I felt something pulling me off the ground! It was so freaky! I lost consciousness, and the next thing I knew, I was sitting on a metal chair and there were Zwerklings all around me. They looked weird, man."

"They asked me lots of questions but I refused to talk."

"Because of lack of cooperation, they locked me in a glass prison."

"I decided to cooperate with them before they did anything further. However, they told me they were done with questions and they were fed up with me. They would go straight to tortures. I should've stayed in the glass prison. What tortures lie in store for me...?"

"They gave me a hideous bowl of curly worm-like carbohydrates to digest."

"I downed a full glass of vodka to prepare me for the disaster."

"Oh God! I'll just pretend that I'm on Fear Factor."

"Strangely enough, after I finished the torture, the Zwerklings released my sister, whom I didn't realise was on the spaceship a prisoner as well. We both celebrated our release with glasses of vodka - neat."

Monday, April 11, 2005

Fancy a pee, anyone?

Do you always feel like peeing whenever you enter a toilet? Well, of course I don't mean when you go to a toilet to pee, but maybe you've accompanied your kid sister/brother and you're just hanging around, waiting for them to finish their no.2 when you suddenly get the urge to pee as well. Ever felt like that?

How about when you brush yr teeth at night - do you do like me - I pee first, then brush my teeth. If I ever brush my teeth first, I'll feel a terrible urge to use the toilet! Therefore I was just wondering if this reaction is purely psychological or could it be the same for everyone else?

Well, it probably IS psychological - after all, whether you brush before or after, your body doesn't really know. It's your brain which is telling you that you're in a toilet and therefore you should use it! Any comments?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Recommended Webcams?

My Creative webcam is giving me problems. My image is always orange! Does anyone know how to fix it? On another level, can anyone recommend a good enough webcam for a low price that is reliable?

Went for lunch at La Gourmet House today in Ikano Power Centre. It's located on the Lower Ground floor, next to a Fish Market restaurant and Uncle Lim's Kitchen (or something like that). The décor was not too bad, just some decorative plates were crooked, and some furniture was mismatched, for example, they use the same chairs that Little Penang Cafe in Mid Valley uses. They also play extremely mismatched music, like 1990s hits (??). The lighting was nice though. Just to explain, the restaurant is supposed to have a European feel, judging by the shelves of condiments etc for sale at the back of the shop, the wooden interior and the name of the place. So why the mismatched furniture and music? Anyway, the pasta I had (Famous something... pesto with chicken and some chilli thing) was not bad, smelt funny but tasted okay. But I do warn you about their Recommended drink - the Coffee Cola. That tasted really really strange. The Segafredo coffee is good, but the mixture is horrible. So take my advice, and just buy the coffee, or the cola. Not both.

That's it for now, back to the slave galleys for me. Oh, and remember to recommend some webcams please. Speak up, people! I'm not buying it so soon, so even if you read this a week late, just post your suggestion. Thanks.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Again! It happened again!

That's it! I've had just about enough. If people don't wanna invite me to do things, then just go to hell, I say!

Friday, April 01, 2005

La Senza and some website grouses.

I'm so thrilled. I managed to catch La Senza on the last day of its sale without knowing it! Luckily my aunt suggested we go to 1U, so I suggested we visit La Senza and Yippee, I managed to get a nice set of you-know-whats. Haha. And today, I went to buy more, not La Senza unfortunately, but I'm running out of money. I think I'm a Lingerie Lover. All I need now is for a La Perla store to open in KL and I'll go broke straight away. I've been to the La Perla website and although the pictures are all nice etc, I hate it when they just show you one or two products in each collection, and the whole website looks more like a work of art than an informative one. I know the website design is très important, but Seriously, what are we going to the website for?

Some other sites that are pretty much a waste of webspace is (unfortunately) FCUK and Russell and Bromley. They have really interesting websites, but what the heck? I can't find any proper pictures of products in there.

I can't think of any really good fashion goods sites right now, but when I do, I'll try to remember to list them here, shall I?

Talking about lists, I've managed to eliminate a lot of things on my famous Wish Lists. Firstly, I've got more Calvin and Hobbes books from my birthday gifts (although I still want more - email me for a list), La Senza lingerie... the only thing I really wanted that I haven't got yet is a new toilet flush handle. Anyone care to get me that? Just leave a comment with yr name and number ;)

Also, a special thanks to both Malaysian Devil and Grandpa G. Thank you to Malaysian Devil for the wonderful birthday present. I haven't started reading it yet, because as I told you in my letter, I've only gone through about 30 pages of Le Petit Nicolas (the first book you sent)!! Haha... I've been so absurdly busy these past few weeks. And Grandpa G, thank you so much for my eBay things (my FCUK shirts etc). I'm still looking forward to getting my Indispensable Calvin & Hobbes! And my two pairs of shoes of course. Oh, and you, naturally. HEHE. I can't wait for the finale of my presents *wink wink. Ah, Paris in July... lalala...

See you, guys, keep checking back.