Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Recommended Webcams?

My Creative webcam is giving me problems. My image is always orange! Does anyone know how to fix it? On another level, can anyone recommend a good enough webcam for a low price that is reliable?

Went for lunch at La Gourmet House today in Ikano Power Centre. It's located on the Lower Ground floor, next to a Fish Market restaurant and Uncle Lim's Kitchen (or something like that). The décor was not too bad, just some decorative plates were crooked, and some furniture was mismatched, for example, they use the same chairs that Little Penang Cafe in Mid Valley uses. They also play extremely mismatched music, like 1990s hits (??). The lighting was nice though. Just to explain, the restaurant is supposed to have a European feel, judging by the shelves of condiments etc for sale at the back of the shop, the wooden interior and the name of the place. So why the mismatched furniture and music? Anyway, the pasta I had (Famous something... pesto with chicken and some chilli thing) was not bad, smelt funny but tasted okay. But I do warn you about their Recommended drink - the Coffee Cola. That tasted really really strange. The Segafredo coffee is good, but the mixture is horrible. So take my advice, and just buy the coffee, or the cola. Not both.

That's it for now, back to the slave galleys for me. Oh, and remember to recommend some webcams please. Speak up, people! I'm not buying it so soon, so even if you read this a week late, just post your suggestion. Thanks.

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