Wednesday, April 13, 2005

To Hip and Happening Parisians! Pour tous les très cool Parisiens!

I've decided that this trip to Paris, I'll do more local things rather than visit touristy places again. So if any happening Parisian happens to drop by my blog, do leave a comment for me. I'd like to know :

  1. Your favourite nightspot (restaurant, café, club, bar)
  2. A great and cheap place to eat with lots of ambience
  3. Good shopping
  4. Places to sit and listen to great music (lounges/bars)
  5. Best places for people-watching (Parisians!)

And anything else you might like me (and others) to know! Remember to leave addresses or nearby landmarks so I can find these places.

My sister Elle was caught by evil Zwerklings the other day.

Here's her story...

"I was walking down the street one day, near the Eiffel Tower. It was a great day - the birds were chirping, the ground was slightly wet and slippery from a little snowfall earlier. Suddenly, I felt something pulling me off the ground! It was so freaky! I lost consciousness, and the next thing I knew, I was sitting on a metal chair and there were Zwerklings all around me. They looked weird, man."

"They asked me lots of questions but I refused to talk."

"Because of lack of cooperation, they locked me in a glass prison."

"I decided to cooperate with them before they did anything further. However, they told me they were done with questions and they were fed up with me. They would go straight to tortures. I should've stayed in the glass prison. What tortures lie in store for me...?"

"They gave me a hideous bowl of curly worm-like carbohydrates to digest."

"I downed a full glass of vodka to prepare me for the disaster."

"Oh God! I'll just pretend that I'm on Fear Factor."

"Strangely enough, after I finished the torture, the Zwerklings released my sister, whom I didn't realise was on the spaceship a prisoner as well. We both celebrated our release with glasses of vodka - neat."

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