Friday, April 01, 2005

La Senza and some website grouses.

I'm so thrilled. I managed to catch La Senza on the last day of its sale without knowing it! Luckily my aunt suggested we go to 1U, so I suggested we visit La Senza and Yippee, I managed to get a nice set of you-know-whats. Haha. And today, I went to buy more, not La Senza unfortunately, but I'm running out of money. I think I'm a Lingerie Lover. All I need now is for a La Perla store to open in KL and I'll go broke straight away. I've been to the La Perla website and although the pictures are all nice etc, I hate it when they just show you one or two products in each collection, and the whole website looks more like a work of art than an informative one. I know the website design is très important, but Seriously, what are we going to the website for?

Some other sites that are pretty much a waste of webspace is (unfortunately) FCUK and Russell and Bromley. They have really interesting websites, but what the heck? I can't find any proper pictures of products in there.

I can't think of any really good fashion goods sites right now, but when I do, I'll try to remember to list them here, shall I?

Talking about lists, I've managed to eliminate a lot of things on my famous Wish Lists. Firstly, I've got more Calvin and Hobbes books from my birthday gifts (although I still want more - email me for a list), La Senza lingerie... the only thing I really wanted that I haven't got yet is a new toilet flush handle. Anyone care to get me that? Just leave a comment with yr name and number ;)

Also, a special thanks to both Malaysian Devil and Grandpa G. Thank you to Malaysian Devil for the wonderful birthday present. I haven't started reading it yet, because as I told you in my letter, I've only gone through about 30 pages of Le Petit Nicolas (the first book you sent)!! Haha... I've been so absurdly busy these past few weeks. And Grandpa G, thank you so much for my eBay things (my FCUK shirts etc). I'm still looking forward to getting my Indispensable Calvin & Hobbes! And my two pairs of shoes of course. Oh, and you, naturally. HEHE. I can't wait for the finale of my presents *wink wink. Ah, Paris in July... lalala...

See you, guys, keep checking back.

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