Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My gosh, how frustrating is it to know that people are visiting your blog, yet refuse to leave comments in writing?

I encountered a really dumb, stupid bus driver today. Drivers like him are the ones who cause fatal accidents! Bloody idiot.

First of all, I want to state that his license plate number is WFW 1192 and it's a RapidKL blue-white-red bus travelling the route to Cyberjaya.

I was driving at about 100-105 km/h on the right lane of a two-lane curving road. This bus suddenly appears behind me nearly kissing my ass! There are a few cars in front of me going at the same speed I am, but he still insisted on tailing my backside! First of all, it's unnerving having a huge bus so close behind you, secondly, he's going as fast as I am, meaning that if I had braked, or gone over a huge rock and swerved, he would have run over my car, crushing me! I felt so angry at him after thinking about what he had done! And what he could have done!

When there was an opening in the left lane, he went back to the left lane - AND SPED UP! He was already going at 100+ km/h when he's only supposed to be doing 80 km/h on a non-highway. Then he overtakes me, meaning he went above 100 km/h, and then what? He stops at the side of the road a bit further up to drop passengers! I also took a look at him and he was driving with his left hand only. His right hand was comfortably rested on the door. I wish I could report him and his reckless driving! God, just imagine, I could have been crushed underneath that huge mass of a vehicle if the cars in front had emergency braked, or I'd swerved over something.

So if you see the bus, don't get on it! Or give it one hell of a punctured tyre. You might be in a bus accident next. Take care of yourselves, KL-ites.


Anonymous said...

simple...just keep a tub of rotten eggs or something...then if they get too close just let the volly fly. Launch em out the sun roof lol


Anonymous said...

you CAN complain...there's usually a number of the company on the bus...look 4 it

kelvin said...

Hey Shoobibi, stop complaining if you're at the wrong in the first place. The last time I checked, that road has a limit of 50km/h, you were going at ...105km/h ? oooo ... look who's complaining ...

That stretch of road has a record of avg of 1 accident per month last year ..so, becareful lar ..hor ?