Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Violations to environmental peace

Kelvin! I'm sure you don't drive at 50 km/h on that road. No one does. Not even the bicyclists. Plus, that bus was full of people, and a certain responsibility goes with being a bus driver: 1. A public service transportation, 2. Maximum 50 passengers on a bus, 3. A bus driver is trained to drive a big vehicle, 4. A big vehicle can cause mucho mucho damage in an accident. So there! :P And, yes, I will be careful on that road.

Anyway ANOTHER traffic incident to complain about! This time, not driving, but more of an environmental issue.

At least once a day I'll see a truck or bus with black smoke coming out of its exhaust pipe. And that really pisses me off because the city is just getting hotter and hotter and what with the HUGE fire yesterday (70 houses burned down, 500 homeless), imagine the poor ozone layer and all our oxygen.

So anyway, this cement mixer was the 3rd vehicle today in violation of our environmental peace. He had absolutely jet black smoke coming out. I really don't understand why the drivers or the maintenance people, or the boss, can't do something about it? Like clean some part of the engine or exhaust pipe??! They're so damn ignorant. I hate them! Curses on them and their own vehicles.

I got a number off this mixer : KV 5046A. I dunno if it's the number plate, but there you go. Shame on you! And if anyone comes across this post and knows why people won't take care of their engines, do tell me.

And don't give me some stupid dumb 'MONEY' reason, because our environment is more precious than any amount of money.


Anonymous said...

I agree...these road jerks, freaks, couldn care less attitude...but c'est la vie....reality of world is like that...if u hv number plate, write to Malay Mail n they wl publish it.

Anonymous said...

If the smoke is black (and I have seen it for myself there) then the engines carburetor has probably died. Which will mean the engine life is gonna be very short...which means spending on a new engine. So by NOT doing anything to fix the problem, will cost them more time and money.