Thursday, March 24, 2005


My neck's been awfully stiff for the past couple of days. What a great present for turning 22. Only this morning did it start to feel slightly better. It's made me feel really tired very quickly because of the pain. And it became one of the rare times I actually didn't want to think about work and not caring if I handed up assignments late. But, now, it's getting better and I know I better start thinking about homework again.

This weekend is Easter weekend, so Lent season is nearly over! Yippee! I can have junk food again! (I gave up junk food for Lent). I know it's done a world of good for me, but last night I seriously needed it cuz I was feeling quite down. I passed the test, though, and slept instead.

My friend Beach Babe has a new dog called Lacey, a poodle. Haven't seen it yet, but I shall post pics of her soon as Beach Babe passes me some.

March seems to be creeping slowly by, doesn't it? I feel like January and February just WHIZZED by, but March is just one big escargot of a month.

Talking about escargots, it's confirmed! I'm going back to Paris! Bring out the champagne, guys! Yes, Grandpa G has offered to bring me to Paris as a late birthday present. How very sweet and generous of him. And what a sacrifice! Hehe.

Okay, let's see if I have any new pictures for you... nope, unfortunately... haven't been uploading pics from my camera. Until next time, then. Also, a big HI to Jap Chick Crazy Dale, henceforth known as JCC Dale. Good luck with your preparations for the Big Move. I'm doing the same thing next year, so I know how it feels like!

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